Cleaning out a basement can be tough work and most cleaning services are not suited for such a task.  We have a specialty group of cleaners that are used to heavy lifting and specialized needs that accommodate basement cleaning and clearing.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment and to receive a free quote!

What is Basement Cleaning?

Attics and basements often become repositories for junk, dust, grime and mold.  Because they aren’t part of most of our daily lives, it is easy for them to become filled with old clothes, toys, tools, books, or other various items.  Over time this can become a big issues and a difficult one to fix.

This is why we offer a specialized basement cleaning solution for New Jersey.  Our experts can take on this task and “do the dirty work”.  Our multi-point inspection checklist will help to insure your basement comes out clean and tidy and ready for many years to come.  Some of our special considerations include:

Junk Removal and Sorting – We can remove any items that are taking up space in the basement.  The homeowners will then decide what stays and what can be discarded.  Whatever stays can then be cleaned in the appropriate manner (dusting/washing/etc).

Industrial Strength Vacuuming – Due to the unique nature of many basements and attics it’s sometimes necessary to utilize extra-stength vacuum solutions, instead of the  household vacuums we utilize in our home cleaning solutions.  This insures a removal of several layers of dirt, grime and mold that may have settled on the floors of the basement.

Sanitizations and Allergen Treatments – A basement can become a haven for dust, grime and allergens.  Our cleaning solutions will work to sanitize the walls, ceiling and floors and remove all dust and allergens from the premises.

Why Have Your Basement Cleaned?

Some of the common reasons that our clients utilize our specialty basement services include:

Before a Renovation – If you are planning on adding a basement den, bedroom or other installation to your home, it will greatly assist the process by having it cleaned before hand.  A renovation is a difficult and expensive job, and having a cleaning starting point can make the process much easier, save time and ultimately save money.

Spring Cleaning – A full-blown yearly cleaning of a house is a standard practice by many homeowners, but sometimes they only focus on the main living area of the house, like the living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.  “Out of sight, out of mind”, and as basements and attics are rarely seen during our day to day life, they can fall through the cracks of our planning.  Using our specialty service you can insure that your house can a full treatment each year.

Moving In/Out – When selling a home or moving in to a new home, it may be necessary to have a full cleaning done before hand.  Showing a home to potential buyers is all about presenting an image to the buyer, and having a dusty, grimy basement is not going to send the right message.  Go for a fully cleaned and spotless home and your buyers will be more likely to pay a premium.

It makes sense to hire a professional cleaning company to handle these tasks for you.  You have bigger things to worry about, so let us handle some of the dirty work for you.

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