Carpets need regular cleaning and no one can do it better than our experienced team.  Get your carpets to be spotless and fresh with our professional carpet cleaning services, working all throughout New Jersey.

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Why Should I Get Scheduled Carpet Cleanings?

We’ve seen throughout many of our clients home that they don’t exactly think about getting their carpets thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.  Only when there is a stain or obvious blemish do they consider getting it cleaned.  However, this might not be the best way to about things.

Air Quality

Carpets can act as a “filter” for dust and allergens in the air.  While this does actually help keep air quality better in the household for a time, they can become saturated and start leeching harmful dust and microbes into the air.

This is where a regular, twice a year carpet cleaning comes into play.  Having your carpets cleaned regularly can remove those harmful microbes, bacteria, dust, mold and allergens that are current trapped in your rugs and carpet.  This regular treatment can work towards improving the air quality of your home.

Micro-Stain Removal and Dust Removal

You may not notice it overtly, but over the course of years carpets will become darker then they were originally.  Take for instance if you move a couch or a table to a new location, what is left is a “bright spot” on the carpet where the table once was.  This is because of the gradual work of micro-stains and dust to start shading your carpet to a darker color.

Remember, that darker color is just extra dirt, grime, dust and mold that is living in your home.  Get rid of it!  Scheduling a regular, 6-month cleaning will allow the rugs or carpets to remain as bright and clean as they were the day you bought them!

Great to Combine with Professional House Cleaning

You may know that we also offer weekly, bi-weekly and hourly cleaning services for homes and offices, and this would make a great combination.  Have us handle all your cleaning responsibilities by signing up for a combination package from our experienced professional cleaners.

This will save you time, money and worry.  You no longer have to worry about spring cleaning, weekly chores or the air quality of your home, as we can handle it all!

Our Locations

We are proud to serve the entire state of New Jersey!  We’ve served customers in Edison, Bergen County, Mercer County, Jersey City and Palisades.  We will come to you wherever you are located in NJ.

For services outside of NJ, please contact us for a custom quote.  We will gladly travel to areas of New York, and Pennsylvania, but please contact us first to arrange our visit.

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